Hello, welcome to nikel.me

This small personal server is using Free and Open-Source software to provide these services :

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Calendar iconCalDAV and Address Book iconCardDAV, powered by Radicale.org icon Radicale 3.1.2

  • Registered users can go to dav.nikel.me.

xmpp.org iconXMPP Communication server, powered by prosody.im icon Prosody trunk nightly build 1605 (2022-01-23, 3fe2e5da05c3)

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We are about 21 active users on this server.

  • Register for a free account by appending /register_web after this page's URL.
  • Registered users can start chatting with a jabber / XMPP client or use directly https://chat.nikel.me.
  • ( Drop by at xmpp:#hello@conference.nikel.me?join to say Hi! ;) )

A service can be down for some minutes due to maintainance or backup. Please be patient before jumping around.

If you're interested with an account in either service, drop me an e-mail at admin at nikel.me.

All of this is running on a server powered by Devuan.org icon

Important : Be aware that this server is running on non-stable software releases, meaning that service may not be up 24/7 and you can experience DOWNTIMES.
So please consider this before asking for an account.

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