ROMs checker for UNIX/Linux

ROMs checker for UNIX
This script will check your ROMs against clrmamepro, No-Intro P/Clone XML and ZAP databases.
- No-Intro site:
- Zapatabase site:
It tells you about *uncompressed* ROMs you have/miss, duplicate, unknown or misnamed ROMs.
It then propose you to move or rename your ROMs to match the filenames found in the database.
Usage: roms_checker [options]

Options list:
   -sSET  The set to create/use
   -rRDIR The ROMs directory to check
   -dDAT  The database to use (clrmamepro DAT, No-Intro P/Clone XML or ZAP
          databases format)
   -c     Force creation of ROMs cache
   -z     Reset SET config file
   -y     Assume 'yes' to all queries, just do the job dammitall (Backup
          valuable files before)
   -n     Assume 'no' to all queries
   -h     Get this help message
If no option are given, each parameter in -s, -r and -d are interactively asked, and RDIR and DAT are saved in $WDIR/SET/cfg once the script exits.
SET can be anything except for NES set -which needs to be 'nes'- because of the iNES header skipper.
For each SET already created, you can later change RDIR and/or DAT either by editing the config file in $WDIR or by using the corresponding -r and/or -d option.
Please read the header of the script for more informations and limitations.
Download the latest version here
The script should be POSIX compliant and should run on most recent shell around.
It makes use of coreutils, sed, grep, xargs, cksfv (for some older releases), awk (heavily for releases >= 2.40).